Women's Human Rights


Women's Human Rights



While the report is prepared besides the evaluation of 2012-2013 period, the comparitive evaluation of three years between 2010-2013 is done. The cross evaluation of the last three years data is very remarkable to see the concrete results of the activities done.

These evaluations were effective for us to see the positive concrete results of the house visits and other awareness creating activities. It is clear once again that awareness activities on gender are the most efficient when the activities are done by individual contacts. With the individual contact it is possible to detect the woman's situation, to create awareness and sensitivity on gender based role, to share information on the institutions and organizations women can get support in case of demand of rights at the same time. The numbers are more significant when concrete results are achieved. Awareness women experience creates an important demand; due to the specifications of these demands, quality of services change and increase.

Knowing that each woman effects 10 women to create awareness and each being responsible of five children raises the importance of the efforts put in and the results achieved.

Key points of the activities run during the program are stated below. The detailed information of the activities are mentioned in the relevant sections of the activity chart.