We Can Stop This 2006

We Can Stop This 2006

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We Can Stop This 2006



KAMER Killings Committed in the Name of "Honor" 2006 Report


Nebahat Akkoç

We have been working and developing projects concerning honor killings since 2003. On the one hand we have reached out to women who were in danger of being killed and have provided them with protection, while on the other hand we have endeavored to gain deeper knowledge on the subject and to develop lasting solutions.

Who is being killed?

Who is doing the killing?

Who is encouraging, even ordering, the killing?

What role does each of us play in this matter?

Who is the culprit? Who is to blame?

Is it the traditions? If it is the traditions, why have murderers’ sentences been reduced for so many years?

Or are we all responsible?

What needs to be done?

We now have the answers to all these questions. In these three years, we have worked with 158 women. They were the ones who helped us find the answers to these questions.

This book will be the last and fourth book in a series on the subject of honor killings:

We Will Not Get Used to It

No More “If Only’s”

Who’s to Blame?

And now, finally We Can Stop This...