Who’s Guilty? Family? State? Society? All Of Us? (2015)

Who’s Guilty? Family? State? Society? All Of Us? (2015)

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Who’s Guilty? Family? State? Society? All Of Us? (2015)

Who’s Guilty? Project was designed in order to make visible all the violence and discrimination a woman experiences from her infancy to her adulthood as well as reveal its perpetrators.

Think about a girl;

Even before she is born, she starts to face discrimination as soon as her gender is identified.After she is born, she is deprived of majority of her rights.

She is discriminated against her brother. Her life is surrounded by shame and taboos.Sometimes, she cannot exercise her right to education,

Sometimes, she is married off at an early age when she is a child.

Sometimes, she is forced to be the wife of a man whom she never knows or knows but does not love.

She is subjected to every form of violence. Then, one day something happens. It is either an incident of violence that she cannot bear anymore or an incident of murder that takes away her life.

If she survives and can find the courage, she files a lawsuit to claim her rights.

If she loses her life, either a relative or the public prosecutor files the lawsuit.

Most probably, all her past will be ignored and she will be humiliated over that case because she is a woman and yet she will try to seek her rights.

As if the history behind this case is non-exis-tent...

Teherefore, we wanted to ask;

Who is guilty?



Society? All of us? Each of us?